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Monday, February 14, 2011

Insane Knuckle!

I missed out on this awesome photo on Ebay but have to admit its amazing. The knucklehead with Vard/Glide forks with mini Flanders bars, uncharacteristic wide white wall tire in front only, and Buco type saddlebags is just great! Rider reminds me of the late Mike Conley (RIP).


grant said...

very obviously NOT a Vard frontend.

? said...

don't listen to him stretchy...that's obviously a vard.

grant said...

Excuse me???? when did Vards have cast aluminum lower legs...that are the same as a 'glide!

Stretch said...

It's all a learning experience for me. I see the tins up top and my brain immediately thinks Vard. I guess the fact that I haven't seen many photos of Vards on bikes has lead to my own personal confusion when I see a modified glide front end.

? said...

stretchy that is so vard. the internet becoming way too vard.

grant said...

Stretchy not sure where you learned vards had tins...HD all the way...
that and its not a modified glide frontend...pretty stock minus a fender...Gabe? is that you?

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