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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kid Deuce's Updated Mindblowing Original Show Bike Photo Set - THE ABSOLUTE BEST

First of all I'd like to give the credit to Paul at Show & Go for locating this awesome photo set and posting the link on his blog (see links above) as well as Rene of Australia for telling me about the post! If you're looking for the best original 1960's show bike pictures YOU'LL EVER SEE look no further HERE! The first bike is Vern's, of the Oakland HA's, reversed head triumph, my favorite pre-unit show bike of all time. You'll see I'm running the same peashooter springer and mini waffle grips on the Slow Poke in tribute! Second is an awesome custom panhead with no frills! You are in for a huge treat with these photos! Thanks again to Paul and Rene for the discovery!

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Jahluv said...

Lowrider Magazine did a write-up on "Kid Deuce" aka Howard Gribble. You can bounce to the story via a blog post I did back on the 20th...

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