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Monday, November 24, 2008

Borrani WM-0 x 21" Record 40 Hole Alloy Rim

I'm not sure why these rims are so much harder to find then the WM-1's but maybe they were too fragile under load? At any rate, the WM-0 stands for 1.40" versus the WM-1 which is generally a 1.60" (measurement is taken at underside of rim). Its kind of interesting with the terminology as the pristine one John Edwards is running on the panhead is labeled RM-0. I think his is actually an older rim. I may be wrong but think Borrani used larger lettering on the older rims and smaller letters on the newer ones. Does anyone know who made a WM-0 rim in steel as the only ones I've seen before are a couple of Borranis and a handful of Akronts, both obviously alloy?


Flyin' Dutchman said...

I'm running a brand new Raedelli 1.5 steel one.

Stretch said...

I'm sure thats so close to the same there is no difference. Very cool!

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