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Monday, March 23, 2009

1965 Panhead California Road Trip Photos

Last picture is from a 1966 Modern Cycle magazine showing Eddie Haskell's bike with a little different look. You can see his bike in two of the 1965 photos above. Modern Cycle picture and Eddie Haskell identification come from John, the "Harpoon"!

I just found this picture on Ebay but the molded tank in the upper left-hand corner looks similar to the one on "Hank Espinosa's Panhead." Ad comes from the 1968 Motorcycle Sport Book!


MUERTE H.C. said...

Man I want that tank seat for the kids... saw a dad cruising 2nd street with a tyke on his tank and the kids said "why can't we do that daddy"

Brown fogged one is keeen...

Get that bike going man and let's do one of these runs for fun out to El Mirage and find every back road along the way...just enjoying, no motives, not attitudes just F.U.N. fun!

ohmyguinness said...

WOW...Thanks Stretch. Some great retrospective.

Chris K said...

Unreal, Where did you score these? It's kind of a weird, I just did a post on old dressers myself.

nunyadambusiness said...

great stuff. panstastic!

Stretch said...

I found the photos in a 1965 family photo album at a local swapmeet. I rarely look at photo albums but was thinking I should check for old motorcycle photos and just got lucky. Enjoy!

drsprocket said...

The matching riding outfits that even match the machines are over the top. To cool for school. Love those early color photos.

krazy kevin said...

Gotta dig the gas tank moulding on
(photo#9) Hank Espinosas blue and
white machine. Those ole "garabge
trucks" had class. Also check the nifty tow along trailer in photo
#17. I guess that was better than
sleeping on the ground with those
rasty rattlesnakes!

Murdercycles said...

great post. interesting to see the other end of the Harley scene after seeing a million chopper pics. they all had matching uniforms, helmets and that center stand.
thanks for posting.

A TIME TO GET said...

Hey there-

Have a couple questions, maybe you could help out? Any chance on you emailing me? Such a great site.


Stretch said...

Sure thing. Address your emails to Stretch at and I'll do my best to answer your questions or ask someone who knows if I don't. Thanks, Stretch

poon said...

in the middle with the light blue garbage wagon is Eddie Haskell from "leave it to beaver fame" and his chick. imagine running by this crowd on a loud oil-spraying chopped '74 with some saddle tramp wearing just a vest clinging to an iron cross topped sissy-bar with one hand an something else in the other. . .

Stretch said...

Wild stuff Poon. That dude sure does look like Eddie Haskell or possibly his motorcycle twin. Good call. Riding free on the open roads, especially back then with less cars on the highways must have been a blast!

poon said...

no stretch, it is Eddie Haskell. I have a feature on that bike in another mag.

Stretch said...

Harpoon - Wow, I had no idea. You never know what might turn up at Goldenwest Swapmeet on Saturdays.

wendyvee said...

So awesome! Thanks for posting these : )

J.D. King said...

It's Beautiful.

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