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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wil's Fantastic 69 Shovel!

Wil's '69 shovel has to be one of my favorite bikes to date. The WR type narrowed tanks are amazing (has to be my favorite tank set up by far) and I love the patina, the engraving (or is that just a reflection?), and the overall rugged look with the weathered Bates seat and pad, not to mention those Custom Cycle Engineering "Holy Pegs." The light selection is extremely cool as well! (The fourth photo comes from the Blue Collar Moto blogsite, the fifth as taken by George and as originally posted on Cycle Zombies blogspot, and the sixth, the riding shot, comes from a Jockey Journal thread on the Born Free 2 Show! The first three pictures added are from Chop Cult and you can read the story about the bike and see more pictures here! Thanks to Rene for finding this article!)

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