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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Revell Custom Bike Show Model Diorama

Damon's Nomad's Cycle post last week on his Triumph model kit reminded me of this model diorama I put together about five years ago. The bikes were all from Revell Kits with the Triumph constructed from three 1/8 scale models, the Triumph Tiger 100 kit, the Triumph Drag Bike kit, and the Triumph Show Bike kit (see pictures HERE of the individual triumph models.) You can see which pieces were taken from each of the model kits. As for the knucklehead, it was constructed from the 1/8 scale LA Chopper kit and the springer was shortened and the Triumph kit solo seat and ribbed fender were used. It was kind of a fun waste of time but its too bad those kits are pretty pricy now to begin with.

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