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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bruce Dern's Trumpet in "Rebel Rousers"

I've watched Rebel Rousers over and over to get a good feel for Bruce Dern's awesome swingarm pre-unit but couldn't really get a decent picture until I found this photo still on Ebay. Unfortuantely the movie still shows the bike inverted, with the timing cover on the left side so I flipped it on the computer so you can see how the photo was really meant to go! If you haven't guessed by now, I love this bike!

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triumphpete said...

Thanks for this, this metalic blue killer swingarm has also been a fave of mine too.I've watched this sleazy biker flick a lot of times because of this bike. There's also a fantastic orange BSA swingarm chop thats cool in this flick as well. I love the 60s swingarms, got a 59 Thunderbird bob with Sporty tank as well as a 51 Ridgid.Thanks for a great great site.

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