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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Insane Avon 3 x 21 Tire

Does anyone know the scoop on this Avon tire? It reminds me of an Avon "Speed" that I saw once on Ebay but regardless of its rarity this tire looks super rad with the huge Avon script and looks perfect for going flat out on the salt! (photo from a 1999 Classic Bike mag)

Ok, thanks to Jason this tire is an Avon 50s/60s Salt Flat Racing tire and the two photos above came from AAOK's auction where this buy-it-now price is $1250. Yikes. Very awesome tire with cool tread pattern nonetheless!!!


spasticreject said...

hey stretch,

If you haven't seen it already.
There's one on ebay right now that has a pic of the tread pattern:

buy it now for $1250.00

dig the blog for sure!

heyitsnate said...

i was at my buddy's place and he had an old avon for his vincent similar to that was a 20" tire.hope this helps-nate

heyitsnate said...

oh..i just re-read the post.that's a 21...nevermind!

Johnny Schultz said...

The old avon motorcycle tire still looks great . You can check with if they have this tire in stock

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