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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Long and High Triumph

Its too bad the photos aren't better but those sky high pipes are insane as well as the twisty sissybar and it also appears this guy has the rare pre-unit finned timing cover! (from an early 70s Big Bike Magazine)

Ok, here's the scoop from Stefan, this bike was a Swedish build by a guy named Torsten Fritz and the above version was the early 1960s.

This long rigid version was finished in 1968 per Stefan and both versions are insane! (Thanks a million to Stefan Olsson for the two photos above and history!)


Jet City Jughead said...

Is that a rocket booster on his sissy bar?

epinut said...

Hey, I've got two more pics of that bike if you're interested? One in that version & one earlier as a swing arm bike.

Stretch said...

Stefan - I'm totally interested and if you like you can send the pics to and I'll post them up with these shots as I've never seen another picture of this bike before. - Stretch

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