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Thursday, April 9, 2009

1968 Outlaw Motorcycle Magazine

Its appears Peter Fonda's Wild Angels Panhead complete with iguana looking tank dragon has made some new friends!

It looks like Gabe on the panhead with some crazy chick!

Prince's all white brother appears in a handful of the late 60s / early 70s Chopper films and indeed he is one cool dude!

Nice simple pre-unit rigid custom!

Nice girder and girlfriend!


epinut said...

Nice, haven't seen those before. Liked the knuck with chrome fenders, classic! The pan with girder & the weird tail section however was incredibly ugly though...

Scott said...

Cool mag!

Any info on the Tiki's MC?

Any more pics of Fonda's Wild Angels bike?



Stretch said...

Unfortunately the magazine didn't give any information on the clubs but just listed club names. There was a club from Watts apparently called the Watts Whats which is pretty darn cool.

The only photo of Fonda's bike is on the cover but its one of cleanest shots I've seen of it. I'll be posting a photo off a German lobby card showing the front portion of the bike when it comes in the mail.

Thanks for asking!


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