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Friday, May 14, 2010

Catalina Grand Prix is Back On for 2010!!!???

I just received this comment today which is news to me! For history on the race and some cool pictures click here!

"Okay, I just got back from Catalina, and the Grand Prix is on again after a 50+ year hiatus (unless you count the legendary AMA drinking events that took place there in the 70's). I have no more info about what classes are going to run, or what course will be used, but it will be run by District 37 of the AMA in early December of this year. I will post more info as I dig it up, but I want to get the word out ASAP. The mayor is quoted as saying 'this is a one time permit, but if the event proves a boon to Catalina in the off season it could become a recurring event.'"


Woody said...

Just doing my part. Official information is supposed to be released early in June. Here are two links to keep you posted in whats going on:



and here's a you tube playlist I'm putting together:



Woody said...

The website has been updated, and registration and sign up info is posted:

Basically it will cost you $250 to enter, including shipping the bike. Full modern classes. Vintage, classic, and evolution classes, as well as AHRMA based Premier Lwt, Premier 500, and Premier twins. Only intermediate and expert rider classes. Send in your application, including AMA number and a list of recent events and finishes and wait till next month to know if you make the cut.

I sent my application in yesterday.


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