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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mooneyes 2010 X-mas Show Teaser w/ Mark Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit Show Bike!

Drews' above (picture from FMA) vs. Vern's below (circa 1968!) Both are truly amazing machines!

Mark Drews' pre-unit can be seen from 1:51-2:10 on the video. What an awesome bike featuring mini HD peashooter forks, micro spool hub, bicycle type rim and tire, teeny hand carved plastic/Lucite scooped faux tank cover with inner steel tank receptacle, dual 389/689 Amal Carbs, hand-made micro flask oil bag with orig. pre-unit fittings adapted, mini pleated seat, scooped wassell ribbed fender with expanded metal shields, and hand carved inner & outer Lucite primary cover and motor mounts to name a handful of things. Also, the simple colors, chrome, black, and clear flow nicely together; less is more! In my opinion, this skinny machine has "sweepstakes winner" written all over it and it both beats and surpasses any of the late 50's/early 60's pre-unit show bikes, including Larry Howard's Glittercycle. Also, you must check the "Manic Monday" post on FMA's Site (1st post) for Drews' "Solitary Confinement" Pre-unit photos and FMA's 2nd post (also DBCUSTOMLEATHER!, Crusin' Mag, Cycle Zombies, Born Loser, and DiCE)


Masterlink Lee said...

Ever since seeing the bike on FMA last week, I can't stop looking at pictures of it. I've probably watched that video about five thousand times by now.

Stretch said...

Also the fact Mark hammered this machine out in his own garage in about 2 months time speaks volumes about his master craftsmanship skills. To fashion that tank out of a chunk of plastic and to carve the inner and outer primary from a solid block just seem mindboggling. Drews' has definitely raised the bar for the Show Custom with this exquisite machine!

Masterlink Lee said...

2 months! Jesus! Actually, I was just over in Japan in September and I saw an ad in a chopper mag over there for the Yokohama show and it had a picture of his bike mocked up. No chrome, rims w/o tires. Had no idea the bike was gonna look that nice.

jason said...

it's weird, everytime i look at that bike i can't stop thinking that i'm dreaming. Everything about it is so right...almost too right. Congrats Mark, you've created a bike thats gonna go down in the history books.

Stretch said...

Drews worked with custom car legend Bill Hines in the past and has always had a keen eye for detail. He definitely can nail everything from the Dave Mann look to the Show Bike and he's a very humble person as well. I'm sure this "Solitary Confinement" trump is destined for greatness and will, like Jason said, go down in the history books. Masterlink Lee, I know what you mean as two months is amazing!

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