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Saturday, August 15, 2009

'51 Triumph Slowly Coming Back Together

I took a day off work to begin reassembly of the triumph. Its amazing once you get parts back from paint and the platers how they don't want to go back together so easily. I had to monkey around with the slower neck bearing race before it properly seated due to paint build up but the front end went on nicely and its nice and tight. If you remember the the earlier photo the flanders risers were positioned forward, which I preferred, but I didn't want the risers smacking the top springer nuts under load. One option was to cut down the front spring rods for additional clearance but I figured that would make the front sit a tad lower and I wasn't willing to take that chance. Hopefully everything will work out with the altered bar configuration but only time will tell. I plan on putting the motor and trans in tomorrow after the swap meet and then will swing by Brightworks to pick up my brake pivot arm. I can't wait to ride this bike but its now realistically looking like completion will come around the end of this month or maybe earlier September.

Saturday lent to a little more bike progress as Dennis gave me hand putting the motor and trans back in. Unfortunatlely I was short some key hardware for the motor and tranny mounts so it will be off to Moore's Cycle this week or else I'll get the right stuff ordered through Meatball. It still has a ways to go but at least things are progressing.


turkey said...

Man, that things looking really nice stretch, I really dig that front end

Stretch said...

Turkey - Thanks alot as I really appreciate the kind words!

jimmy the pick said...

Nice! Will you be joining the sons of anarchy?

Stretch said...

No but I plan on joining the Sultan of Soul Glo, so, rad, haha:


grant choppedout.blogspot.com said...

The bike's comin' along nice, but you're gonna want to chrome that frontend after you see the paint job! it's looking good enough to eat...

Stretch said...

Grant - I'm definitely looking forward to the paint. Unfortunately this front end is not a candidate for chrome, with heavy pitting and without a source to offer hydrogen relief I can't afford to chrome the legs. Springs, ride control, and keeper nuts, as well as bearing spacers have all been nickle plated. I'm very happy with the light grey color myself.

grant choppedout.blogspot.com said...

what about pearl white?

Stretch said...

Grant - Maybe in the future I could go pearl white but at this point the grey will stay as I just want to get this bike up and running.

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