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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mert Lawill at Cow Palace 1966

Check out these awesome shots of Mert from 1966. I am not familiar with the type of Harley he's using here but I like the leather jacket with business slacks and loafers combo, not to mention that Bell Helmet, Star maybe? (These great photos are currently on Ebay!)

Man, would I ever love to find one of these helmets as I'm sure seems more protective than the 3/4 helmets out there and still looks cool!


Doug Klassen said...

The bike Mert is sitting on is an H-D 350 Sprint built by H-D's old Aermecchi division in Italy. More info here:

I've met Mert a few times in the last 10 years and he's as modest as he was fast.

Stretch said...

Thanks Doug for the information. Thats rad about Mert. He seems like he'd be a very exceptional guy and its really hard to find modesty these days. Stretch!

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