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Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Wild Angels Original Photos!

This seller on Ebay keeps listing all these rad Wild Angels shots so I'm trying to catalog the good ones for everybody. If you want to see the others previously posted just type in "wild angels" under the search box in the upper left hand corner!


Filo Loco said...

hi there! i just drop a line to let you know that I added a link to you my blog
check it out! you have the greatest stuff here! cheers/filo

bubble visor said...

hey great blog!
super collection of pictures

how do you get those big size pictures on your blog?
can't find it in layout...

lennard-bubble visor

Stretch said...

Leonard - All you have to do with the photos is just upload the large sized shots to photobucket and use the html tags, just copy and paste them in the body of the post. I just photograph my pictures from old magazines using a high resolution, 7.2 Megapixel digital camera and just crop what I want. Hope this helps!

bubble visor said...

thanx stretch!
was hoping that it was possible to post big size pictures in blogspot
without using html.

keep posting your sweet stuff

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