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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gnarly Original Race Photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the above photos are from an insane book of old race photos that are unfortunately up to like $950 or so on Ebay but the guy luckily took these great detailed pictures for us guys who can't afford the thousand dollar album! Enjoy!

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Jimbo said...

photo #8&9 appear to be W-series 45s An easy way to ID them is(1)front cylinder head has large cooling fins,74&80s have different pattens again.(2)frame is single down tube which is identical looking to a VL but are different again,U-series 74&80s have twin down tubes.(3)W-45s are right side chain driven like sporties. 61,74,80s are Left side drive.The tank badges look 1940s also.Hope this helps.

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