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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The WWII USN N-1 Deck Jacket

It's safe to say I'm a huge fan of WWII USN deck jackets. Though they're not very practical for wear unless its very cold out one can make a nice alternative to a leather m/c jacket. Many of these jackets will have stenciling with the soldier's name, company, or maritime vessle he was assigned to. The insides are Alpaca lined and the outside is windproof. I picked up this nice example last week after looking for one for months.


Theo said...

Okay, I'll be the one who asks: where the h--- did you find this? It's awesome. I wants me one.

Stretch said...

Good old Ebay!

epinut said...

Looks really clean! Nos? Like you said they're not that practical unless it's really cold & I live in a cold place... And wearing just a t-shirt under makes the lining itch, especially around the neckline. Don't know if they only came in regular sizes? Mine is a 40 & while the sleeve length is good it's a bit too wide...

Stretch said...

Epinut - This jacket appears to be unissued. You make a good point about the chest sizing as thats always been a point of confusion to me on these jackets as well as the barn jackets, like the Lee 91-J and so on. This jacket is a size 38 but the chest measures 22" or 44 doubled. I'm guessing the fit is supposed to be a bit roomier but I've found on these jackets and the barn jackets you have to go down a size or so to get a smaller chest. Usually I can take a 40 or 42 in a Bates jacket or similar leather or levis jean jacket and the chest typically has the same size given when measured at front or back (though sizing does vary some by brands). The deck and barn jackets run wide and thats why it can be hard to make any sense out of the tag size. Of course with any vintage jacket you always want to compare chest, sleeve, and overall length measurements before purchasing as the sizing can drastically vary if the garment has been previous washed and has shrunken (of course this isn't applicable for leathers).

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