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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The WWII USN Deck Jacket - 1st Version / Hook Type

As a continuation to the previous post on WWII USN Deck Jackets the examples shown above are first model deck jackets, one with only a zipper front and the other model has metal hooks and a main zipper(I'm not sure which style is earlier, hook or no hook). The insides are both lined with wool instead of alpaca fur and the greyish blue color is also a bit nicer than the tan of the N-1 in my opinion. These first version jackets are much rarer are more highly sought after than the N-1. Obviously, price varies based on condition and sometimes the size as well!

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Structure Chaos said...

The Hook style came later (around 1943)...The zippers would ice over on the earlier zip only versions from the sub-freezing air and bow splash so the flap was added to protect the zipper from icing and the hooks were added so you could keep your gloves on in cold temperatures and still operate the hooks (inspired by fireman's jackets)

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