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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bobby Sirkegian's Pre-unit Rigids Drag Bikes X 3

I like the first one the best with the alloy rims, mcm rocker caps, bench seat, and huge racing cones!

Those thick gators at right look much better than the thin ones in the middle. 7" front brakes look very nice on all three!

No fender to tire symmetry here but this bike is still very nice. The rear alloy has been shoehorned with an 18" Avon Drag Slick!

Looks like the T-100 racing kit with MCM rocker caps! This bike was given the best parts and was the only one with alloy rims!

Holy racing cones Batman! These drag tips are wide, wide, open! Check the tips at left for a comparison as these guys are massive! I wonder which set came with the T-100 racing kit???

Racing cones look to be 5" in diamter. Insane!!!

All three of these bikes were show quality but I was disappointed that none of the seats or p-pads were Bates, just new repops.

Now I remember this kid as the only person to be dwarfed by a tiny pre-unit rigid race bike! He makes that front rim look like a 26" or 28" instead of a 21".

All pictures above were taken at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, CA which, according to the ticket guy, may be torn down next year with a portion of its contents going to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. This museum is truely amazing, so if you've been there and wish to voice your opinion write to the museum (I'll add a link soon). Admission is only $5.00, which is a steal for all the drag nostalgia displayed within!


Mike Davis said...

Wow 3 I thought there were only 2...Great post!

Stretch said...

Mike - I'm sure you're right as there were probably only two bikes there initially. I thought it was a little strange they had two different signs for the bikes. I'm guessing the one with the pictures is the new addition as it talks about three and the post sign connected to the chain appears to list the display as having two bikes. Some of the other signs in the drag bike area didn't match the bikes present so they must be shuffling around displays.

avalemert said...

This is my Dad, Bobby SirKegian. He is truly one of the last of the original dragbike pioneers. My Grandfather, Robert "Bob" Sirkegian was one of the few board-trackers. My Dad restored and rebuilt these, if you'd like to know more about the man behind the machines, I welcome you to see the site I built for him and a little something I video'ed in his garage/shop in April on YouTube
Take care, keep ridin'
Ava (Sirkegian) Lemert

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