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Monday, July 27, 2009

Harley & Vincent Rarities

I never knew a shaft drive H-D was ever produced until I saw the above photo and caption!

The Vincent with a bathtub-esque covering. I like this shielding very much as it reminds me of one of the Tron lightcycles! (photos and captions come from the 1968 Motorcycle Sport Book!)


drsprocket said...

Gene sold this to the old Sacramento HD dealer Armando Magri. My friend now owns it along with a stock military one and rides them on alot of old m/c rides up here in Norcal. They're what the famous chopper X-A 2'' over springer front fork came on. Built for the north African desert fighting in WW2.

Stretch said...

I heard X-A springers came on old war bike but I had no idea they were shaft driven. Very interesting and thanks for the background!

Chris K said...

XA fork trivia:

Only 1000 XA' were built and who knows how many spares. The reason there are more XA springers out there than one would think is probably because the WLC's (Canadian Miltary 45's), came with the same 2 3/8"extended springer but with a 7/8" stem. I've seen them on ebay called XA's by mistake.

The rare prototype (approx. 8 built), shaft drive 3 wheeler knuckle trikes had them too.

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