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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1/4 Mile Machines!

The "Kepaloa" pre-unit swingarm spectacular in action!

This brother is killing the competition with his nifty twin engine pre-unit!

This guy was going so fast he impaled the greyhound dog he was racing in between his two springer legs (or at least it looks that way; must be a banner on the side)!

This sportster has a great look with a tank similar to the Reyes modified mustang on the "Moon Cricket"!

This shot is just great with the two panhead dude's awaiting their turns on the 1/4 mile. (all photos from a late 60s Motorcycle Sport Book)

1 comment:

steeplepipes said...

The bike with the long pushrods ane the greyhound stuck in the forks Is Stan Dishongs bike out of Vallejo Calif, 96 inches he also made his own cylinders. Thanks for the great photos

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