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Thursday, July 30, 2009

1987 Santa Cruz "Wheels of Fire" Opening Sequence

This is my favorite skateboard video (though I've only seen a handful) and the opening sequence is amazing with Hosoi, Grosso, Kendall, Salba, Meeks, Natas, and Roskopp shreading to "What's So Strange About Me", a song from Claus Grabke's 80s band called Eight Dayz. The song is amazing but is pretty hard to find on vinyl. I think the album is called "Everyday is Like a New Beginning" or something close to that. Pure skate nostalgia at its finest! (If anyone's interesting in downloading the song you can do so at the link below for FREE: though you don't get the fire crackles and swoosh sounds like in the video)


jimmy the pick said...

Grosso has the best style! look at 2:54 on the running time.

Stretch said...

I dig Roskopp nailing that huge air at 2:27. I forget the name of that trick; is it a method or judo air? Retarded over here!

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