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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stan Dishong's 1937 Indian Scout Drag Bike

What a lean and mean machine that's narrow and straight as an arrow!

The BSA Bantam front end which I believe to be semi-modified, though I'm not very familiar with the Bantam other than that it was BSA's equal to Triumph's Cub, is super skinny and looks amazing!

This bike sliced down the dragstrip going 118 mph in 1955 according to the display sign!

Nice and sanitary cut-away primary for weight savings!

This tire is simply amazing as I read it was a Goodyear Sport Special with a vulcanized rubber strip on top to create the flat drag slick, or in this case, a cheater slick!

You can just make out the Goodyear scripting!

The "cheater" tread appears to be hand cut with a razor. The piecrusted sidewalls coupled with the vulcanized flat strip with slash tread marks gives this tire a wild appearance! This is supposed to be the first rear drag slick ever made for a motorcycle!

Here's the rundown from what looks to be a Hot Bike article (anybody know the date and year it was published?). Sorry for the bluriness as you may be blinded temporarily. (All photos were taken at the Pomona NHRA Museum which hopefully will still stand in existance next year.)


drsprocket said...

I was just by a friend's house today while out and about on two wheels and he has one of two overhead cam panheads that Stan built with his own fuel injection. He also has the patterns of Stan's for his injector's and manifolds plus his massive stocker fly wheel patterns. Stan rode Petrali's Knuckle streamliner on the dry lakes and the salt flats after Joe finished with it. Then it only had a small fairing on the forks. Stan blew it up and an an injected pan was put in it's place. Schuller ended up with it. Stan also made the first of the high mid controls all the Oakland boys run. Stan was the man for all us boy's up north.

Stretch said...

Thanks for the info. I'm just learning about Stan and from what I've read and he definitely built some incredible machines!

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