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Friday, July 31, 2009

...But my Pipe is Whack!

Whether this setback will be fixable or if this split will only widen and cave in at time of attempted repair you will hear of the outcome. If any master craftsmen out there have any ideas I would greatly appreciate your insight. Everdur rod??? Who knows but John at Banzai Machine will take a whack at it. If still a no go, I'll send it over to Jay Kennedy at the Bomb Factory for some finessing. (Those original ripple sections, or at least the ones I have, are a little thicker than tin foil. In all seriousness though they are pretty darn thin. Don't pay attention to the brass glob as that needs to be smoothed out; you're focusing on the seam split!) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the pipes haven't been chromed, just preped, so that is one positive in the whole mix.

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