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Friday, July 24, 2009

Panheads & Pet Monkeys - All the Craze in 1967!

Buying these Men's magazines is always a crap shoot as they rarely have good bike photos but this wonderful Wild Angels shot makes this issue a worth purchase!

This little guy reminds me of the monkey in Raiders of the Lost Ark that suffers from a bad date. What a deal though, a live mail order squirrel monkey for $18.95. The good old days I guess! (All photos come from MEN Magazine, May 1967)


beforethemast said...

stretchy stretch. I have a family monkey story that I will share with you. My mother, when she was 14, sent away for one of these monkeys without telling my grandmother. They recieved it in the mail with a small cage, leash, etc. It sat on the kitchen table and would screech all day and night and torture my grandmother since she was home all day while her kids were at school and my grandfather was at work. I am told the monkey would sit quietly and wait for my grandmother to pass close to the cage and then reach out thru the bars and grab a chunk of my grandmother's hair, tugging, yanking, and screeching up a storm, banging my grannies head onto the side of the cage until she could whack it enough to get it to let go. That happened a few times and my grannie was fed up. She told my mother to get rid of it but she lagged because she had a pet monkey and who wants to give up a good thing like that? Well, the monkey grabbed my grannies hair again and the had had enough. She waited until everyone was gone to school or work, opened up the kitchen window and opened up the cage door. With a few whacks of the broom she corraled it out to freedom. Unfortunately it didn't end there. My mother came home to an empty cage and my grandmother claimed it opened the door itself and made a dash for freedom. The monkey had other ideas. My grandparents had a giant eucalyptus tree in the front yard and the monkey posted up in this tree and every day it would screech and kill any bird it could get it's little hands on. Each day for two months my grandmother would have to go out and pick up the bloody bird carcasses off of the front yard and roof while the monkey screeched and howled at her. My grandmother says she finally saw it get carried away by a hawk and she says she was happy when she saw that. Cold hearted. Both of them. Just some old family history for ya' stretch. gabe

Stretch said...

Gabe - Thats one crazy monkey story! I hope you're doing well and that you can get your ear fixed soon!

Thanks for writing and stay on the anitbiotics for that ear!


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