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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Selections from Mothers Choppers 1971 Catalog

Its interesting as WMO Borrani's were no longer available here in 21's as of 1971 and only in 36 holes for the 19"er. The Avon listing on the next page only had 3.0 x 21 tires and not 2.75 x 21. I wonder when they stopped making the mini skinnies?

This chart is pretty cool because I'm used to seeing the inside rim dimensions: WM0 = 1.4, WM1 = 1.60, WM2 = 1.75, and WM3 = 2.15 I think and these measurements are taken from the outside which seems like it would be a quicker way of checking at a swapmeet!

For a seat that is supposed to smuggle that opening looks more than a little obvious? I highly doubt the rider would be wanting to smuggle just tools though???

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