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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bates in '65!

When I bought this catalog on Ebay I was told it was early '60s and it was a bit of a let down when I found out it was from 1965. Don't get me wrong as its a rad catalog, but I was hoping for an ad for the Bates/Lee type foot clutch. The jackets are insane as always and I'm suspecting the helmets may have been manufactured by Bell. The comment on the ribbed solo seat leads me to believe 1965 may have been the first year of tuck and roll seats but I could be wrong. Lots of footpegs to choose from and I'm running the economy diamond type on the pre-unit.


epinut said...

I think your right about the ribbed seats. They're not in the -62 catalog, but I've seen them in ads from -66 so -65 should be the first year.

Warren Jr. said...

Just found a set of the economy diamond pegs in my stash. They are pretty cool. I also have a set of cast pegs that Scott Craig ran on the moon cricket. Do you know who made those?

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