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Monday, July 27, 2009

Carb Action!

This bike is throwing me for a loop as it appears to be a flathead 80 or knuckle (its a knuckle; thanks Dr. Sprocket!) with some insanely long intakes!

Ah, twin Amal GP's on a pre-unit bonneville head. Sounds like the Kepaloa set-up to me though I think this is a different bike! (photos come from the 1968 Petersen Motorcycle Repair Manual)


drsprocket said...

It's a Knuck (check rocker shaft nuts on this side) With twin Amels w/ remoat float bowls and looonng intake horns.

epinut said...

No expert, but don't the carbs look like Dellorto ss1?

drsprocket said...

Now you mentioned it I believe your correct. my friend has a duel carb knuck with 40mm Dellorto's jetted for fuel and a ULH w/ a JAP upper end with 42mm Dellorto's jetted for alcohol. Those look like his remote floats too. Thanks.

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