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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1960s Bates Two Tone Leather Cafe Jacket

Here's the latest Bates jacket which arrived today from Ebay. Its kind of interesting as I haven't seen a cafe jacket from the '60s with lower pockets. I can't say I necessarily like them but its a different look. White and teal leather with Easyrider type stripes. The size isn't perfectly optimal on this one but its close enough. I'm still looking for the solid white cafe jacket or racing shirt in a 40L, 40LL, 42L, or 42LL!


beforethemast said...

yo stretchy stretch. I'm having hidecore make some white leather jackets that are true to the bates design when I return. you want one? your choice of inner silk colors.

Stretch said...

Gabe - I would but this is my 4th Bates jacket now and I already have enough jackets. One of the coolest things on the old ones that really can't be dublicated though are the old zippers, the talons, conmars, ect. I'll be curious to see how your jackets come out.

Stretch said...

Ok, Gabe I misread you. If the jackets are infact white I may still be interested. Stretch

mind pill said...

stretch, you missed the white cafe style bates jacket that sold for only $95. i forgot about the auction then paniced and saw it ended. 3-4 weeks ago. it all comes back around. can`t wait to see that bike up and runnin.

Jeff Smith said...

nice post, I would but this is my 4th Bates jacket now and I already have enough jackets.
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