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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hardcore Chopper Issue # 39 - John Edwards Cover (Harpoon Article Too)

I haven't personally seen this issue as I just found out about it from Mike Davis' Born Loser MC blogspot yesterday. From what little I know there is a spread on both J. Edwards (obviously) as well as John "the Harpoon." I'm trying to procure a copy for myself but you may want to check Ebay, the Kinokuniya Bookstore, or possibly Bossley Cycle for yours. I'm sure Davis could fast track you to the mag should you wish to narrow your search. Feel free to contact him at with any questions or Grant & Harpoon at !

The magazine is available at the following link from Yahoo Japan but they may sell to Japan only as I'm not sure: (DON'T CLICK ON THE LANGUAGE PACK AS I HAD MOST OF THE CRITICAL INFO CONVERTED TO ENGLISH BEFORE LINKING THIS ONE)


grant said...

Hey Stretch,
I ordered one through Hiro at Cycle Trash. There's alink on our blog. Can't wait to see it in person my self and am honored that my bike shares a page with Drews pan shovel!

Stretch said...

Grant - I had no idea you and Drews were in there as well. Way to go as Hardcore Chopper is probably the best publication to get an article in! Should anyone ask about obtaining a copy I will direct them to your site. Stretch

grant said...

Yeah, it was for the spread on Harpoon and the stuff he's painted. cool, Cycle Trash should have them...still can't wait!

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