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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wanted: MCM / Bates / Webco Fork Slider Covers for Narrow 50's Triumph Terrier / Tiger Cub Front End

I recently picked up a pair of 1950s Triumph Terrier forks as an alternate front end with brake set-up (still running the H-D peashooter springer with the spool wheel) for my 1951 Triumph custom project and am currently looking for a pair of slider covers. These forks have smaller diameter tubing than the pre-unit ones and are the same forks as on the twin engine pre-unit drag bike posted yesterday. I believe these were made by MCM, Webco, and possibly even Bates and should conceivably hug the fork tubes similarly to the nacelle covers shown on the first photo but obviously without the nacelle top. Please let me know if you can help as I have cash ready! For an additional front end reference please check out the first two drag pre-units on this earlier post as compared to the third bike which has a standard pre-unit front end:

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