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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cool Born Free 3 Photos

I was just searching through a bunch of Born Free 3 photos and these three were extra cool. The first of Drew's Solitary Confinement Pre-unit comes from 6Shooter and the second two, one of Max's VL Pan, and the other of Jeff's Knucklehead's paint comes from flickr. John Edward's pink pearl panhead looks super cool as well but I only saw pics of the cam side and not the primary side. Looked like a great show. (For a cool story on the wild paint job and molding done on Jeff's Knucklehead check out Harpoon's post on the Violet Fantasy!)


J-Axle said...

Nice! ya i held my camera up in the air and snapped the pic of drews... its just an akward photo came out pretty rad! thanks man!

Stretch said...

That angle just looks amazing. Best BF3 picture of Drews' bike I've seen to date, nice job!

grant said...

Stretch, did you not come to the show???

Stretch said...

Grant, unfortunately I'm not a huge fan large crowds so it keeps me away from most all large shows. The BFIII pictures of the event look amazing though!

grant said...

too bad, your loss...all you have to do is be a fan of bikes and you would have been fine.

grant said...

pretend you are at the rose bowl

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