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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Safety First!

This is an awesome looking dragster with straight 6 photographed up at the Petersen last Friday but check out the last picture. Any rear end failure would prove disasterous to the driver!


MUERTE H.C. said...

a hair better than sitting over the trans but... there's a reason they came up with those scattershield rules way back when...

jimmy the pick said...

What motor is that? looks like a chevy/gmc.... looks like wayne valve cover and side covers. but the exhaust manifolds are on the other side, and spark plugs are also on the other side too. Any more photos? close up of the carbs?

Stretch said...

Unfortunately I posted the only pictures I had but I'm going to try and find out more about it from RM Auctions and post it for you!

Stretch said...

"Al and Harvey Teague’s 320 cubic inch GMC-Wayne roadster would do mid-120 mph trap speeds in the quarter and turn low 11’s. When they put the Jimmy into an early rail dragster chassis it jumped to 137 mph and high 10’s." (Excerpt from RM Auctions)

jimmy the pick said...

WOW!!!!!! cross flow head jimmy six, man thats extraterrestrial. thanks for the info stretch. I dont think one of these wayne heads will come up on ebay but one could dream.

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