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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Runaways - Choppers Magazine 10/76

Choppers Magazine from October 1976 with the Queens of Noise on bikes! If anyone has high definition photos from this mag I'd love to post them.


krazy kevin said...

OK fella's I know, but do you? which one of these little hottie's is JOAN JETT?????????????

true runaway said...

On the cover is sandy west sittin on chopper and cherie currie standing over her. On the inside with 2 choppers the order left 2 rt is sandy, lita, joan in leather jckt, jackie, cherie over the text is lita, joan white shirt, jackie, sandy, cherie. In the band promo shot it is joan in hollywood shirt. Sandy, jackie, cherie, lita. If you wanna learn more about this cool band a later bass player vickie blue was after jackie did a super awesome movie called "edgeplay" they were great and super poeple too I have met lita and vicki blue can't ask for nicer more generous folks.

true runaway said...

Does any body have a good photo of the text?

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