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Monday, March 24, 2008

1967 Schwinn Deluxe Speedster Bicycle - Customized

Here's a photo of the 1967 Schwinn Speedster custom I picked up on Saturday. It's basically a 26" bike with the same specs as a Manta Ray which has 24" wheels. Bars are Manta Ray, 3 speed Stik Shift is off a Stingray, and its set up for rear brake only. The stik wasn't working, missing a rear cable, so I got it going and it shifts decently; I'm still toying with it though. I added some glass jewels on the seat for reflectors.

Here's the Schwinn in its final version with the Sears Screamer 12" extended stem, Troxel banana seat, Schwinn sissy bar, black and white cable wrap and frame wrap, black and white grips, racing flag valve caps, rectangular mirror reflector up front, fluted glass jewel red tail rear reflectors, clear glass jewel reflectors on either side, and St. Christopher badge on the neck! Its a pretty cool bike to ride around provided there aren't many hills in the way!


BanjoMan61 said...

Wow. I had a black Schwinn Speedster with 24" wheels as a kid from approx. 1966-1970. Thanks for the memories.

WessSide Schwinnz said...

Awesome!...very Kewll I hope you are still Enjoying the Ryde, Thank you Very Much for Current Photos I saw the initital first Photo post's...just found the Completed photos today. By the way i'm the Previous Owner, the creator of what you Quite properly took to a more completed level...Thank you keep it Pedaling, take care.
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