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Friday, March 28, 2008

Weeks & Williams Preunit(s), One-in-the-Same???

William's Triumph shown in the 1966 Cycle World. Nice molding on tank and frame and that rainbow bench seat is amazing!

My does that pre-unit front end ever look good!

This bike looks to be a carbon copy of William's pre-unit, with changes so subtle as a paint job and some upsweep pipes! Even the seat is identical with the rainbow stitching. (from a 1967 Cycle Guide)

Weeks' Triumph in the 1968 Custom Cars kids book by Ed Radlauer. Are Williams' and Weeks' bikes one in the same, hmm, I think so!

Circa a late 1967 Motor Cycle World magazine is an altered version of this mystery bike, owned by Weeks and now called the "Enchanted Parrot." The Radlauer book one photo above, though published in 1968, must have used an earlier 1967 photo when the bike still had the rainbow seat. Actually, I think the newest version in Motor Cycle World has a different molded tank as well or at least it looks that way!!!????

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