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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Perfect Knuckle!

This has to be one of my favorite Knuckleheads ever built. The bike is simple and clean with some very nice parts: Flanders risers (in black, nice & original), molded Wassell tank, molded Bates fender, skinny Bates seat, Bates p-pad, Lee/Bates foot clutch, and rare black CMS kicker pedal! Not to mention the original springer front end and brake set up! The bike still looks minimalist and you couldn't ask for a better stance! Last comment: this guy uses his chrome sparingly and its a nice touch; too many customs nowadays have gone chromosexual, no good :( !

How perfect is the chromed bayonet handle on the suicide shift? You know this dude has had this bike since the 60s! Check out the molding near the tip of fender and the triangular peak on the tank! Killer! Do I spy molding on the oil tank as well? The seat and p-pad are also in exact alignment like a racer's bike, so nice!

A nice subtle mold job on the peanut tank! (all photos come from a mid 90s Choppers book)

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