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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kepaloa Drag Triumph Got the Coverage!

Kepaloa first appears in the 1967 Cycle Guide!

Nice show set-up in a 1967 Motorcycle World Magazine!

A primary detail cover shot in a 1968 Cycle World Magazine!

Inside the 1968 Cycle World at another show!

Color photos from a 1971 Motor Cycle World Special Choppers issue!

A primary side detail shot from the same Special Choppers issue. I'm digging that Avon 18" Drag Slick and the drilled brake, possibly BSA, laced to that 19" wheel and wrapped in a skinny Pirelli!

Finally, a last minute carb adjustment before the lights click down in a 1971 Big Bike magazine! By the way, the GP Amal carbs on this very bike were auctioned off on Ebay about 9 months ago by Kustomhut!

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