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Monday, May 4, 2009

Cook's Corner for the Watercolor Connoisseur

I know many of you Southern California guys/gals go riding up to Cook's Corner and probably its a weekly occasion. I remember going about five years ago when I had the Norton and it was a nice place ride with some great scenery. Anyhow, my Dad picked up this print at a Garage Sale for $5.00 and gave it to me. I think its a pretty cool picture but probably wouldn't go so well next to Dave Mann's "Blackboard Cafe."


Doug K. said...

Cool. I passed the link on to my wife who paints in watercolors and occasionally does bikes.


Chris K said...

Cool score. It reminds me of my first ride there in 1976 or 77? Like in the painting, only two bikes were there before we showed up. Turned out to be a couple of HA. When they left, me and my buddy were the only customers in the place for a while.

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