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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ed Roth Finned Dishpans?

I'm guessing Randy Smith of Custom Cycle Engineering let Roth sell a few of his parts in the old Choppers Magazine issues. Either that or it was a collaboration of sorts??? (Ad comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle Magazine)


drsprocket said...

It went both ways. I have a Roth carb air horn that has a Randy Smith sticker on it (NOS) as does Irish Rich.

Stretch said...

Very interesting! Thanks for the info!

CycleDelicCycles said...

CCE cast all of the Roth air horns, I believe..

Stretch said...

That would make perfect sense as it seems doubtful that Roth would start his own casting business for air horns when he could sub out the work to Smith!

drsprocket said...

Don't you think that they all used a foundry that was already established? They probally both subed out the work. Takes some equipment to do that and a fair investment. Randy stocked parts, built bikes, and painted on site. Don't know if he had room for a dirty foundry?

Stretch said...

That makes perfect sense to me!

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