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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roth SU Stacks???

It appears Ed Roth was more into casting than I thought! Next thing you know somebody will find an ad where he's selling his version of an Imperial finned primary cover! (Modern Cycle Magazine, late 60s)


Chris K said...

Roth used to sell a few products in the back of Choppers Magazine. He would often spotlight a product of the month. handle bars, mufflers chrome covers, etc. He was just selling other manufacturers parts.

Stretch said...

Chris - Thanks for the insight and clarification! Its always nice to hear the real deal from guys that were around and riding back in the day these magazines were on the newstand!

Irish Rich said...

I'm pretty sure that Roth got the manifolds from Randy Smith, and I'm gonna guess the velo stacks came from him as well.

Like I said in my GK article, the SU manifolds were the #1 item knocked off from Randy's parts that he cast.

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