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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cycle Delacatessen's 1954 Panhead Suprise!

This panhead is pretty wild but what boggles my mind is how silver vases have been welded to the pipes for a crazy effect! You might say the Cycle Deli is a PANaderia! (Article comes from a 1968 Modern Cycle Magazine)

To Serve Pan! Cooking up new ideas at the Cycle Delacatessen!


Irish Rich said...

They weren't exacty the "silver vases" you probably thought of - as in flower vases.

They were silver vases that were used for a person's ashes after cremation.

Stretch said...

Oh wow as I had no idea. Thanks for the insight!

stag party jackets said...

to serve man...good twilight zone episode. the tall guy or Kanamit as named in this episode is Richard Kiel. he had had quite the career.

Stretch said...

Man, its nice to know somebody is paying attention! Stag Party nailed the reference! Good job!

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