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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Art of Custom Painting!

The Art of Custom Painting " by Carl Caiti, published by Metalflake Inc, Haverhill, Mass., most likely in the early 70s, as submitted by Ogri! Check out that wild dished Ron Finch peanut tank!


JohnQPublic said...

I lived across the street from a retired flattrack racer as a kid. His old race bike had nearly every technique presented in this post on it's tank. He always said the guy that painted it was a little loopy because he never wore a respirator.

I learned a lot of cool stuff from guy. I wish I still knew how to find him so I could thank him.

jimmy the pick said...

dang! thats a $1000 book!

Stretch said...

Jimmy - Are you serious? $1,000.00. I'd never heard of the book but thats a grip of dolares!

ZZ chop said...

there's also another book with different pics in it, it was distributed by the "badger" airbrush firm. and even an "art of custom painting 2" if i'm not mistaken...
very informative reading!!!

MARSHALLovercloth said...

I was sent a mint copy of this book by Nate known as "TwentyDeuce" on
the QCB forum. it's a beautiful book.
thanks Nate.

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