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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Harley K Model Front End with Pre-unit Styling

Thanks to Chris K. for setting me straight as I wasn't thinking clearly when I originally posted these pictures as a Vard front end. The sliders threw me off as I'm not used to seeing them on K model forks. On a side note, check out the clearance between fork legs on that front wheel as it appears to be shoehorned in there with no room to spare! (Pictures come from Rin Tanaka's Harley Davidson Book of Fashions 1910s-1950s)

1 comment:

Chris K said...

Sorry but that's not a Vard. It's just a K- model fork with steel upper slider covers instead of rubber boots. K's had narrow glides so there was no need for a Vard. The Vards were for big twins to replace springers.

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