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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cycle Psychos LP

I picked up this LP at the swapmeet today as I had seen it on the wall at the Petersen Automotive Museum for one of their recent Hot Rod LP displays. I'm hoping its a worthy listen!


Thee Cormans said...

its pretty good mang.

grant said...

the cover is the only thing good about it! The songs are so bad they're bad.

Mike D. said...

I have it and there are some good songs!!! Grant???

Stretch said...

I was listening to it yesterday and some of the songs were good surf rock instrumentals. Its not the best album in the world but I did like it. If you want to listen to a real wierd album give William Shatner's "the Transformed Man" a spin, from 1967 or so, as thats a tough one to play more than once.

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