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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kelsey Martin Swingarm Pre-unit Revisited!

Thanks to Ogri for sending a link to these cool pictures on Flickr. This bike was built by Kesley Martin and I'm almost positive I posted the article from the December 1971 Hot Bike Magazine about a year ago but I'm not finding it in the search. Anyhow, that molded curved fender and curly seat are sheer awesomeness!


CycleDelicCycles said...

Kelsey Martin rules...this bike and "Mindblower" are 2 alltime faves

americanaglory said...

yes you did post, but the paint job nis different on the restore.

Mad Max said...

I had a shop next to Kelsey's in the old Gauthier Lincoln Mercury building in Salem Massachusetts in the mid seventies. This bike was on display in the showroom, along with the Corvair powered bike. He was into 30's Ford hotrods at the time, working on 2 or 3 at a time.

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