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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drag Pre-unit w/ Forward Tilted Motor

Just read about all the modifications this race motor has had to it and on top of that the bike is impeccably clean with smooth lines! Its all business baby! (from a 1964 Cycle World Magazine)

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triumphpete said...

Hey firstly, great website love all the triumph stuff. The cool 500 Trump with the forward tilting motor was featured much latter in a chopper mag of the early 80s.
The owner Mark Sidebottom claimed to have built it from a compleat wreck in under a year, but it was clearly this same bike, this old drag/ custom. It showed up on the net recently and is still obvously around, but now sporting the stock trump drumbrake front wheel. I'll try and email you some pics of this great early Trophy. Any way cheers from Australia,regards Pete Andrews.

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