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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Meatball's Shindig

Frontman Jeff "Meatball" Tulinius belts out the New Wave hits during the "Smiling Face Down" set!

Nice original Harley RL Flathead. I think Mason would have drooled over that muffler set-up.

Here's a neat generator shovel! The small seat and two-to-one pipes were pretty cool as well as the old bayonet zip tied back by the rear passenger peg!

I spoke with Turkey quite a while about his bike here and its cool to see he fabricated the bars, sissybar, cut down ammo/battery box, as well as shot the metalflake paint himself. Those "Bud Ekins" pipes and trials tire up front are pretty sweet! Nice job Turk!

Pictured here is Scott's cone shovelhead alongside Scotty's Triumph. The shovel has an amazing paintjob and some rather cool parts, including a ratchet top shifter and very rare AEE triangle headlight with the blue plastic among other things! Check out Scotty's super skinny rear fender on that trumpet; very cool indeed!

The Turk riding away!

Scotty rides away as I try to decipher the lettering on his helmet.


rat zombie said...

The lettering is "BW" = Butt wipe

Stretch said...

Thats some mighty nice lettering. It reminds me of the lettering on the old 70s Evel Knievel doll with the "EK" in red, white, & blue!

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