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Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Score at the Swapmeet

Don't you hate going to a cycle swap only to find all the good parts snatched up quickly. Well, with this guy its ok because he appears to be grabbing all the cheesy mid 70s chopper junk and hopefully leaving behind the Bates solos seats and p-pads along with the Flanders risers! Though I would have to admit competing with a dude who runs a permed afro and striped leisure slacks while riding a rectangle skateboard might be slightly more interesting?

For all you Harley super sleuths, the above two articles by Randy Smith (from early 70s Choppers Magazines) will better help you navigate the local m/c swapmeets in search of treasured parts! You'll have to add a zero digital to all the prices Randy is quoting to equate with today's values.

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