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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knucklehead of Insanity!

I was just emailed this photo from a pal in Australia. This picture is from Berdoo, CA in 1960! (Thanks Dave-E for the info!). Scooped peanut tank, incredibly high Flanders risers and bars and wild paint make this sucker a winner. (photo comes from http://wingnutsmotorcycleclub.blogspot.com/ )

Here's another shot of the knuckle all finished as sent over by Rene of Australia and as originally posted on Radball's blogsite!

Wow, here's the same handlebar set-up as shown on a 1960s customized pre-unit and as posted on the Church of Choppers blogsite! Very cool indeed!

Another great shot of the pre-unit from above from LIFE Magazine from Google Images online!


Jet City Jughead said...

That's the most amazing customized Knuckle I've ever seen.

dave-E said...

The picture is from Berdoo CA. 1960.

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